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How many ride a 250F for supermoto at SMUSA events

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Being that I moved back to NJ from las vegas,nv wanted to know how many ride and race supermoto at the SMUSA events at OVRP and Englishtown this year or in the past?. Thanks for your reply.

Also Anyone in the NE racing the AMA new 250F super lite class this year? Please let me know.

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hi thanks for your responses..i was out for practice a week ago...little tight..on a 125SX and mini...I have the big bikes but selling them..the smaller ones are a lot of fun esp on tight tracks..kart type...after my injury..this will be easier...I hope to be at the next race barring injury and my new bike..i hope soon. far from northern NJ..i will check it out...take care and race and ride safe..keep in touch.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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