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I was recently fixing a very minor oil leak on my 690 duke. I pulled the front sproket off and was attemting to replace the countershaft seal, metal bushing, and oring so my chain was not constantly dirty with oil. Easy fix right? Well to get the old seal out (which now im told you really dont need to replace, just the other components) i screwed in two self tapping screws. Just enough with the drill to get it started, then by hand to feel if i hit something solid. (never been into my bike like this, so all was new to me). Pulled out the old seal and i had screwed right into a nylon bearing container for the counter shaft bearing. All the teeth are there still seperating the roller bearings, just nicked the outer ring and even split it in two in one spot. Talked to a few KTM guys and they say run it. Other guys that didnt really know what i was saying said bring it to them to split the cases... dont wanna do that but what do you guys think?
I would glue it where you split it, and it should be ok. But you need to clean it well with break cleaner or something before gluing.

Some Cyano Acrylate should be enough, and if you can get some of the high-temp stuff some companys offer, or some that are tougher than normal (there are some black ones that have a bit of rubber in it, so the have a little bit of flex, and quite tough)

I got it from a diving gear shop (they use it to glue neoprene)

Hope this helps :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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