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I would like to know if any of yall have a street 525sx/SMR? If so how do you like it, how much did it take to get it legal, and what are the oil change and valve adjustment intervals? The bike is for sale in the classified section. Basically its the SX version converted to SMR. Modifications include
2006 SMR forks with radial mounted caliper
Thumper Racing 570 kit- all bore (not stroked)
KTM Hard parts anti-hopping slipper clutch
EXC 6 speed trans
FMF pipe
BEHR wheels 17 x3.5, 17 x 5.0
Scotts steering damper
Michelin Supermoto slicks in decent shape.
Fresh fork seals
Vapor Trail speedometer

It is starting to get colder out so this will be a perfect bike to work on while riding conditions are not ideal. (although that has never stopped me in the past) I'm going from a modified GSXR 600 to supermoto because I feel I am better suited for a Tard and will have a better time with it. Let me know yalls concerns on the subject. Looks like I will be spending at very minimum $500 to get street legal.
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