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Hey Shortburb.....I had a 2004 450SMC model, basically the SX version that came with the Berringer Front brake and 17" wheels. I had nothing but good luck with that definatley had quite a bit of time when I was done with it at the end of 2004.

I think where guys get into trouble with reliability is when they build the motors and there putin' out big hp #'s. I had a high comp piston and the 6 speed gearbox in mine and that was really about it.

You also have to look at how it was maintained, a bike is only as good as it's past owners treated it.

The one thing I did notice with my KTM, that was the only bike I had to lower the front forks to get the chatter to stop in the front wheel. My RMZ all I did was heavier fork springs and that was it. If it's already valved and ready to go, it sounds like a jump on, ride and don't worry about it bike.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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