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Honest unexaggerated opinions/stories wanted

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Im looking at trading my 03 YZ450 for an 04 KTM 450SXF. Both have been setup for SM

my YZ is mostly stock with full Big Gun exhaust, a K&N and hi-comp piston. It has been the most reliable bike I have owned. I beat it up and it takes it.

the KTM has a slipper, 6 speed, barringer front brake, SM valved suspension, etc etc its a step up. the only reason Im interested in trading is because I rode a friends 450SX (but it was an 06) and absolutely loved the chassis/suspension to the point where I said F my YZ..make sense?

I have 2 close friends that have had nothing but heavy duty reliability problems with their KTMs. I do know of at least 2 more (local track reguars) who 'blow their sh*t up all the time'.

Im interested in getting an -honest- dialog going on continuing problems with KTM 'big' bikes (450+).
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i have a 06 450smr, and i love it. i havent had it long enough to run into any "real" problems. all thats happened so far was the stator for the estart not making enough power for lights and the new moose 270w stator not working at all, but thats nothing serious.

i have heard about the bigger bikes (560 smr) having issues with the crank, but i have no personal experience with one.

i have about 1000 miles on mine, and i ride my bike pretty hard. just imagine a 280lb guy wringing the neck of a bike and making it do exactly what he wanted and you will have a mental image of me.
I have both a 99 YZ400 converted to SM, and an 04 KTM 450SX also converted to SM. I have ridden them both on the track. The YZ has been retired to street only use, as it was giving up 50 cc to most of the other bikes out there.

I would have to agree with you about the YZ's reliability. I swear that thing could run on chocolate milk!

The KTM finally had it's inaugural run in supermoto trim a few weeks ago, and it definitely faster than the YZ, although the 4 speed gear box left me wanting the YZ back at times.

As far as reliability, I have had no problems with the KTM in the 4 years I've owned it, though most of that time it was used for motocross....
Hey Shortburb.....I had a 2004 450SMC model, basically the SX version that came with the Berringer Front brake and 17" wheels. I had nothing but good luck with that definatley had quite a bit of time when I was done with it at the end of 2004.

I think where guys get into trouble with reliability is when they build the motors and there putin' out big hp #'s. I had a high comp piston and the 6 speed gearbox in mine and that was really about it.

You also have to look at how it was maintained, a bike is only as good as it's past owners treated it.

The one thing I did notice with my KTM, that was the only bike I had to lower the front forks to get the chatter to stop in the front wheel. My RMZ all I did was heavier fork springs and that was it. If it's already valved and ready to go, it sounds like a jump on, ride and don't worry about it bike.
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