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Honda 650L may not make a great SM, but there are other options..

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Check out what someone did to a 2003 XR650L! Rather than motard the thing, they custom'ed it. :headshake

At first I was against such a project, but now the thing has grown on me. I mean it looks chopper-esque but it would still be pretty damn nimble (well as much as the L model can) and fun to ride. Can you imagine riding down the street on the rear wheel? I think only someone with a healthy dose of self confidence could handle riding this on the streets, but it definitely is distinctive.

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Who says the "L" doesn't make a great SM? This is mine.
Buckets of money is more like it. I did get most of it back by selling the OEM parts, ebay rocks!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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