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Honda 650L may not make a great SM, but there are other options..

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Check out what someone did to a 2003 XR650L! Rather than motard the thing, they custom'ed it. :headshake

At first I was against such a project, but now the thing has grown on me. I mean it looks chopper-esque but it would still be pretty damn nimble (well as much as the L model can) and fun to ride. Can you imagine riding down the street on the rear wheel? I think only someone with a healthy dose of self confidence could handle riding this on the streets, but it definitely is distinctive.

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Looks like a heap of shite to me. The builder obviously has too much time on his hands and should have them cut off accordingly. And anyone looking should have their eyes gouged out, pan fried and served to tourists as local delicacies.

But apart from that its fine.
GaryMR said:
Some people say the same thing about putting slicks on a dirtbike.

To each his own.

Open your mind.
Fine. Just don't ask me to open my eyes. :thefinger
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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