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Holes drilled in airbox side cover???

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Hey, I noticed a few people had some holes drilled in the sides of their airbox for motard/street use? Just wondering if this is a common mod and if it actually flows a bit better air????
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Ya, sounds like a easy way to flow more air. Is there any specific places or patterns people use to cut the holes? Thanks
Anyone? I've seen alot of pics with a "L" shape pattern on the sides....
Just what i was looking for! Thanks!
Well now you're going to have to tell me more!! :infrandom
Muzzard said:
Like this? The airbox has opposed holes that match, and the left cover is straight through to the cleaner. I have a slip in inserts for both sides that go inside the airbox for cosmetic and air pre-clean purposes that is oiled 1/4" foam that are used for long dirt road rides or offroad. I noticed a considerable difference when out on the road at high RPM cruising. (8500-9500 RPM)
How much did you change your jetting from stock???
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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