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Holes drilled in airbox side cover???

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Hey, I noticed a few people had some holes drilled in the sides of their airbox for motard/street use? Just wondering if this is a common mod and if it actually flows a bit better air????
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Like this? The airbox has opposed holes that match, and the left cover is straight through to the cleaner. I have a slip in inserts for both sides that go inside the airbox for cosmetic and air pre-clean purposes that is oiled 1/4" foam that are used for long dirt road rides or offroad. I noticed a considerable difference when out on the road at high RPM cruising. (8500-9500 RPM)
If you are seeking big HP from your 5 valve, look there and how they are timed. Without divulging too much, did you know here in Australia we run speedway sidecars using methanol fed FZR 1000 engines and run the timing 180 degrees out?... :headscrat... My motard develops 44HP on pump gas! Oh, its a 250 too...
I will try to get an instruction list together and PM you with the finer detail. Having said that, Until it is really developed I'm trying to keep prying eyes out of my shed, several manufacturers have already tried to look at the engine, one of which originally made it. Team Honda here only get 38HP out of their CRF 250 used at top level motocross.
husky450 said:

Know where that cow pattern bodywork is from? i NEED that
The cow printed decals are custom made here in Australia by Ringmaster Images, to my design/idea. Any custom decal manufacturer Stateside would be able to help you. I do sets for DRZ that look look tigers, and KTM sets that look obviously, like a leopard.... Its a real head turner here let me assure you!.. :laughingr My mate was trying to milk the footpeg, until I told him it was its penis!
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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