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Highland 'tards

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Just swapped the Berg for something I thought was going to be a little tamer.

Oh how wrong I was :D
Anyone thinking of doing any amount of mileage on a SuperMoto, this is the beast.
Current spec is
936cc vee-twin fuel injected lump
90+ RWHP @ 6k rpm
77 ft/lb of torque @ 4k rpm
165 kg dry
20 litre tank
A bit heavier than the Berg, but a lot more stable under hard acceleration and high speed travel. Handles super sweet (already had the pegs down) and is real smooth. Wheelbase is shorter than a KTM LC4 and it turns in real quick :thumbup:
Still running it in, but already the potential is shining through. Whooping sportsbike through the twisties and then embarassing them on the straights :laughingr
OEM tyres are a bit shite (Pirelli MT60) but I got a set of Michelin Pilot Powers to go on which should suit the bike great. Unfortunately the mahoosive amount of torque (move over TL1000) has the potential to trash the softer SuperMoto tyres very quickly, so gotta got with the harder superbike ( :laughingr ) tyres.
If you get the chance to ride one ..................... do it, they are seriously mental.

Now can we have a Highland section in the manufacturers forum please :thumbup:

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sweet ride, bet it lofts the front wheel no prob :D
You might be in Sweden or somewere around there.. right?
Astroman said:
You might be in Sweden or somewere around there.. right?
not quite! the UK,sort of in the middle.
its a real arm wrencher! and its sounds bloody lovely!
ya need a step ladder to get on the damm thing mind! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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