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Hi to all,

I'm the next new guy here and thought it'd be best to start with an introduction.

I'm living in Tokyo and motorcycles are both a hobby and necessity to me, especially in a crowded city like that.
I do like the convenience of the subway but it's definitely more expensive in the long run than riding a motorbike or bicycle (I'm constantly on the move and have days where the subway charges add up to crazy amounts).

I'm originally from Austria/Europe and am currently back home on vacation.
Since I do that a couple times a year I'm searching for a SuMo, which is the reason for me to join this forum.
Obviously I've been looking at my country's product KTM, but currently I'm more drawn to Honda (and Husaberg) for some reason, especially CRF450R vs XR650R.
It'd be much appreciated if you could give me your thoughts on the matter and possibly some other options, reliability isn't important at all since I'll only ride for 4x2weeks a year (holidays).
What's most important is low weight, easy handling and a perfect suspension.
But I'll get into more details in a separate thread, after using the search engine and reading through what has already been written about the two and others.

That being said I'm looking forward to contributing and getting some infos.

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