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Hi to MZ125 owners

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I'd like to say Hi to every one here :thumbup: ...

Steven here from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia send the best wishes to all. :laughings
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hi i'm from singapore, riding motard here . we going to have race on Aug 20, 21.
feel free to drop by here to check it out!! let me know if you guys organising any riding trip in your local kart track or races, cos me will bring my pals along for a ride!! cheers!!

mxsteven said:
yeah sepang is my second home hahaha.... the last i went to sepang is the AMF event (Asian Motorsport Festival)

Hmmmm i wonder that i might try to request Sunway Extreme Park to organise some motard race in the Go-kart circuit... now every 2 week at sunway extreme park will be held drifting session.

anyway nice to know ya.. where u from?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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