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Hi to MZ125 owners

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I'd like to say Hi to every one here :thumbup: ...

Steven here from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia send the best wishes to all. :laughings
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yeah sepang is my second home hahaha.... the last i went to sepang is the AMF event (Asian Motorsport Festival)

Hmmmm i wonder that i might try to request Sunway Extreme Park to organise some motard race in the Go-kart circuit... now every 2 week at sunway extreme park will be held drifting session.

anyway nice to know ya.. where u from?

SCQTT said:
Hello Steven

Been to Sepang for any events?
sori for late reply.... coz internet was down 2 month ago..
the sunway extreme park we just go in and play coz after 12 there will be no one there and it is open.... so we just usually ride in there and just play around.. now there is a new place in sri petaling... it is a off road track which has double jump... it had a huge ground which we can play power sliding the ground is filled with soft sands so it is safe to fall hahahah....

what bike u riding now?

terri_one said:
Good idea PSYCANDY... maybe we should organise a weekend getaway to Sunway. Put our bikes on lorries, then we either drive up or catch a bus up. Hey my wife n kids can come along too and hang out at Sunway whilst we play at the track.

MXSTEVEN : how frequent do you play at the sunway kart track? how much and full leathers? crowded?

This is going to be interesting.

my bike last modifications....

No more MZ meter panel which being replace Apexi RSM, now i dun have any speed cut which i can travel up to 151 km/h at 11224 RPM

LED 3X bright tail lights with dim control..

Now running on Osram HID kit....
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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