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Hi to MZ125 owners

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I'd like to say Hi to every one here :thumbup: ...

Steven here from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia send the best wishes to all. :laughings
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psycandy said:
hi i'm from singapore, riding motard here . we going to have race on Aug 20, 21.
feel free to drop by here to check it out!! let me know if you guys organising any riding trip in your local kart track or races, cos me will bring my pals along for a ride!! cheers!!
Good idea PSYCANDY... maybe we should organise a weekend getaway to Sunway. Put our bikes on lorries, then we either drive up or catch a bus up. Hey my wife n kids can come along too and hang out at Sunway whilst we play at the track.

MXSTEVEN : how frequent do you play at the sunway kart track? how much and full leathers? crowded?

This is going to be interesting.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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