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Hello SuperMoto Junkies
i'm gonna start off by introducing my ride, it's a 1999 Honda XR600R, wich is not SuperMoto'd already, i bought it off by a good price and despite the scuffs, it goes great and it has been revisioned by a Honda dealership, they said it is in mint condition (as far as the engine, tranny and frame) goes. since i bought it, i've aquired a set of cagiva mito EV wheels, and they are on the conversion process (bearings, spacers, etc) I live in Portugal, Born and Bred on a mountain city, i like to ride, first bike i've owned and first bike i've ridden constantly (i have ridden before, a lot, always on borrowers, and a couple of rides in my father's GS 1150), we have a lot of great driving roads but also lots of dirt, so i was looking to aquire a dual pourpose bike, such as this XR, and what i want to do is to be able to fit some decent road tires, and in a very plug and play fashion, be able to swap them for going on Enduro ride alongs with my mates, i'm 20, been riding Downhill Biking since my early 14's, i decided that i also need something for the climbs :D, it's a very different experience, not better, not worse, diffrent (still going strong on the bike thing :D).

Have a good day everyone :)


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