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Hi all, Nico here

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I’ve been coming here and taking a peek at some info for the last couple months and thought I may as well finally join.

I’ve got three running older KTM 300’s all in different configurations and lots of spare parts, so I’m stuck in the 98/03 technology era.

The latest edition is a super bike version that I plan to use on our local go kart track. I’ve had it out twice now. Once to find out that it leaks a lot of fluid and a second time to find out that I needed a much firmer suspension.

It’s currently waiting to go back to the track for third test and tune.

Since this photo was taken, I have upgraded the front and rear suspension with Race Tech springs and some valve work, added axle sliders, swapped out the Keihen for a Lectron, put a new top-end on it and set the squish a little tighter, exchanged the carbon pads for sintered and put a 13 tooth sprocket on the front.

I’ll try to put up a few more pictures when time permits. Thanks for all the advice on here.
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Hi, I'm new too. Nice to meet you. Your ride is so cool...

As for suspension, make sure to use "SM" valving as it is different from mx and make sure your sags are set right and go from there. lso, write down "ALL" clicker adjustment you make so you know where you are and what is working vs not. You will chase your tail if you don't.
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