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Hey from Toronto, Canada!

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Hey guys & girls, name's John, 21, single :laughings

(Click pictures to see the real size)

So a little background story as to how I eventually got a Motard.

I grew up in Portugal, small town in Braga. My family was all about dirt bikes & quads. I learned how to ride on a Banshee 350 2 stroke twin :lol: .. My uncle used to race SuperMotos and it's something that stuck with me forever seeing them race. Eventually I got older and toys got bigger. I moved to Canada with my father and started working right after HighSchool, obviously my priorities weren't straight considering I got a SuperMoto for my only form of transportation and Canada has a thing called winter :D. Youtube was also an inspiration to get out there and get a bike.
My first bike was a 2013 Honda Crf250L, fairly slow bike, I wanted to start small as I've never driven on roads and insurance in Toronto is absurd. Bought it in enduro trim aaaannndddd eventually the wallet started drying out in mods :rofl: .

Rode the shit out of it and some day, in less than 5 months I finished with all the mods, well, it didn't last long because I decided to sell it because I got the orange fever :lol: . Sold the bike in less than a week on a Friday night and Saturday morning I bought a 2008 ktm 690 SMC :bike: . That too got modded to hell :rofl: .

I got into stunting this year and decided to buy another SuperMoto more suited to the job. The 690 as great as it is, stunting on it is a no go.
So I bought a 2006 Drz400S already converted to SM and modded that as well, hand brake, stunt frame, whole 9 yards :D.

Rode it for a couple months and actually had my 690 for sale at one point :headshake. With all the hardcore stunting fever going on I started getting more and more reckless and eventually I broke my foot. Thought about it for a while and decided that stunting isn't for me, so I let go of the DRZ and started riding my KTM again. Now that doesn't mean I don't wheelie :rofl: , I just let go of all the scrapes as much as possible, circle attempts etc. Simply cant afford to get injured :) Wheelies will always stay with me though :rock:

If you read all this props to ya :clap:, that's pretty much my story as short as possible :)

If you ride in Toronto or close by join us on a Facebook group where we plan all the rides etc.
I also make YouTube videos but stopped since I broke my foot, need to get back at it..
If you want more pictures about my life check my Instagram

That's about it, sorry if the post is too long :cheers:
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Welcome to SMJ !!!
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