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hey guys,

I am from Paarl, near Cape Town, South Africa.
I have been riding motards for a couple of years now, starting with a slightly modded a DRZ400sm in 07 and recently (after feeling a massive void after selling the DRZ) I bought an 06 Husky sm610.

I am happiest sliding in traffic, on my back wheel, or running up to a red light on my front wheel.

I prefer not riding leathers, even though I have paid my pound of flesh for that choice - so if you see photos of me riding in t-shirt and jeans - please avoid the obvious 'you'll kill yourself' comments as I know what I am getting myself into.

I got my Husky 2 weeks ago, fitted a Leo full titanium exhaust, ripped the back footrests off and am busy turning it into a stripped out street machine.

here's a couple of pics of my new machine pre the Leo Vince.



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