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Help Us Caption this Photo

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Help Us Caption this Photo of Kurt.
As most of know here in the NW Kurt highsided Sunday. Thank god he was alright but was hurting a ton.
hurry up and get back big guy you are already missed.
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brian said:
:laughingr :laughingr :laughingr you guys do realize we will pay for these comments.... next safety/tech inspection I will have to wire every dam bolt on my bike..... :lol:
Thats minor to what I am going to get for starting this :hammer:
motarded said:
It sure is going to suck for Brian and John starting from the back row every race this year. :thefinger QUOTE]

Its better to be on the back row than on no row ! :bowdown:

P.S. It was Brians Idea anyway :laughingr
rogerb said:
"Wait till those [email protected]'s get to Port Angles..."
followed by evil laugh...

BITE ME :2hard
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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