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Help Us Caption this Photo

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Help Us Caption this Photo of Kurt.
As most of know here in the NW Kurt highsided Sunday. Thank god he was alright but was hurting a ton.
hurry up and get back big guy you are already missed.
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Good thing I am doped up on vicoden or I don't think these would be as funny. Why must you pick on the guy that is hurt? It sure is going to suck for Brian and John starting from the back row every race this year. :thefinger

I vote this as the best one.

BF! said:
These waterproof paper's are the "TIT's"
My back is swollen and has now turned a nice shade of purple, thank god for my Vanson spine protector or I probably wouldn't be walking.

Not sure what has hurt worse, the high side or the 4 hours in the ER Sunday night. The last hour in the hospital was actually pretty good thanks to the morphine :thumbup:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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