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help me pick a tire please

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i have been through all the tire searches and not found anything to my liking ok here is my deal im looking for a new rear tire for my drz looking to get around 5-6k out of it before i need a new one this bike is a commuter/hooligan i got 3700 on the dunlop and its bout time for a new rear im wanting to stay with a 140 rear but if i got to go up to a 150 rear will it change the geometry enough to notice im looking for a good decent priced tire
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The 140 rear size offers very limited tire choices.

Go with a 150/60/17 tire size. Lots of choices.

Avon Viper, Distanzia or ProXtreme Rain
Bridgestone BT016
Continental Conti-SM or Sport Attack
Dunlop Qualifier
Metzeler M3 Sportec
Michelin Pilot Power
Pirelli Diablo Rosso or MT60-R Corsa
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I agree- go with the 150 series tire. I've ran Metzeler m3's on my husky and LOVE them! I dunno if you'll get 5-6k miles out of them.. that may be alot to get out of anythign on the rear of a sumo... but im pretty sur eyou'll at least get the same mileage your dunlop got.

Stay away from the pirelli diablos, i blew through one of those in 1602 miles. That sucked.
I'm a big fan of Metzeler's drift series, but I also have a set of Contiforce SM tires for the street and love them. The conti's will give you great grip because they're made for the lighter sm bikes rather than the weight of a sportbike.

If you are looking for distance, I'd go with something like the M3 or the other sportbike tires because they will have a harder compound and wear less under the weight of your bike.

Go up to the 150, you'll be glad you did. I'm not a DRZ owner, but I believe I've seen on here that the 150 doesn't have any clearance issues with it, but double check to be sure.
I'm running the Pirelli diablo 150/60/17 and love it.:clap: Great wear and also great at the track.:thumbup: Well for me anyway:hmmm: also the price was good cause I needed both.
Good luck:D
pilot power 2ct's
i like the pirelli dragon supercorsa's that came on my 690 but because of the crazy price, i have a set of the conti-force tires sitting at my shop waiting to go on. i'm gonna try to get another 300-500 miles out of the pirelli's then try out the conti's. with 2000 miles on the 690 the pirelli's (well mostly the rear) are pretty much gone. the center started wearing FAST the last 500 or so miles.

at the price the conti's are at i'd say get them and even if the rear burns up to quick, just keep replacing the rear. they are dirt cheap. i'm going to guess you'll get two rears to one front on them just like most street tires.
my buddy has run his metzler m3s for ever almost 5000 miles including 4 races and several trackdays on his DRZ. If you want a tire thats gonna last thats the ticket. They are hard and designed for sport bikes, he takes it to the track with decent results, but for the life and cheap price they cant be beat.
i think im gonna go with the metzler from what im hearing i can get tires at cost from my wifes uncle he runs a cycle shop so i guess price isnt really the issue too much it just that i am cheap i mostly do commuting thats why i want a high mileage tire i already have 3800 miles on the bike in bout 3 months
Avon sell a 140.

Avon Azaros radials, I put one on back of my CBR600F1 last year.

Last year Azaros ran around $120.00, but with higher crude prices now I have read that tire prices have gone through the roof.

Good Luck!
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