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I have a 2004 KTM 625 SMC.

While install new sprockets and a new chain yesterday I was in a bit of a rush and Boogered up my rear wheel spindle.

I smacked it with a ball pean hammer, It got jammed, I used a drift to smack it out, the drift lodged into the hollow spindle, I hit it too hard again, it came out but now the one side of the spindle that the drift got lodged in is stretched out and the nut now wont fit.

KTM world and KTM part are back ordered 5 weeks.

Anyone have an extra spindle?
The SXC calls for a 265mm spindle. the SMC is 270mm. They have that. Will that work?

Should I have a machinist attempt to fix the boogered axle?

Any suggestion appreciated cuz i obviously am not thinking to clearly.

Eric B

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yes you are.

oh sorry you wanted help. the front spindle is back order also so I had one made. not hard if your buddy is a machinist and he is willing to help you out. I couldn't wait 2 months and no maybe have it shipped out.
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