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Iowa City/ Quad Cities. The CR is a dual sport for now but will be full on sumo badass after some little things like tuition and loans are taken care of. I did the whole street legal thing for under $200 but the trailtech vapor dashboard was $130 of it, so I didn't come out too bad. I was going to get it even if I didn't dual sport. I just got back from a ride out in colorado and wish I had pictures, but that wasn't the highest priority. The sandwash in maybell is the coolest place I have ever riden. Fast open roads, dunes, hills, scenery, single track. Awsome. The little lady will definately need some tlc to get back to where she was before I left though. I rode the poop out of her. Get in touch if you would like to get disorderly on a motorcycle in one of those areas.
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