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hi guys..n gals too..
time i intro myself here,im from singapore(man!theres real far!!) i juz got my husky abt a month back,its a SM125 which maybe u guys prob never seen one before(they dont import it ove there do they?well,maybe in europe)..its a 2 stroker(YEAH!!)
i been doing plenty tracks since i got it n it runs brilliantly.recently just bolt on a factory husky racing pipes,n recomended jetting n things just got faster,

only problem is after a good 10 laps,my front tyres starts to slide a little,could be the tyres,its factory supplied dunlop sportmax,n of course the sides r already wearin out,my question is now between a michelin pilot power 2CT or power race or pirelli diablo rosso(cost a bomb!).what do u guys think?(im doing 70% track n 30 % street(its juz riding to the track n to the shop to tune it up)..i prob go for the power race but just wanna see wad u guys think..cheers!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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