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Heads up on a plated KTM 560cc SMR in the PNW

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KTM supermoto.
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Hey delete this shit man, tryin to keep that bike on the down low till friday when I can pick it up :bannana::bannana:
Better, it's too sick to be collecting dust in a basement it's whole life.

Ad's been up for 2 weeks on CL but he just dropped the price after I bought the stock 17" wheels and new Corsas yesterday.

Some Harley guy owns it and never rides it. Don't think it's even been dropped yet.
You just gave me a boner thanks alot. Im stoked to pick that up now, im driving from spokane to get it and riding it home... My ass is gonna kill when I get home, but that bike is gonna be such a kick in the pants I cant wait :D
Trooper man.
More than an hour on my 525SMR would break my arse.
Can't say I wouldn't try for that bike though.

You can't get a Flexcar van or mini Toyota pickup from a rental place for the day? Memorial Day weekend is a bitch for rentals I guess.
If you have a reciever hitch I got a spare hitch hauler you could load it on, I live 3 blocks from the bike. Sell it dirt cheap, i never use it.
My only ride drives a bmw. No hitch on it, if I could rent something I would, but im only 20 so probly not gonna happen thou, I would take you up on that if I had one thou. Where abouts in seattle is this bike im very un familiar with the area.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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