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Deja Vu.... I was where you are now a few years back. I own a 06 FZ1 and a 07 690sm.

I bought the FZ to keep the liter bike speed rush and the upright riding position is way better for me. With that said the FZ sits in the garage and I ride the 690 all the time. Simply put...its a freaking blast. I can do a 200+ mile days as long as I dont spend to much time on the highways. I have not ridden the duke but I assume the same is true. One HUGE thing about any 690. You need to get rid of the OEM exhaust as soon as you can. The bike is gutless with the OEM exhaust choking it up. An after market exhaust( I have a Leo Vince full system), KTM full Akro remapping( your dealer can do this in 10 min), and disable the derestriction on 2nd and 3rd gear and the bike is what you were expecting when you bought it.

The triple is also a very nice bike. But the triple and 690 are very different bike and do different things well. You have to take each of them for a ride to appreciate each.

Just my long winded opinion
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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