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Hi All,

Thought I'd better stop by the introductions forum and make myself known...

A bit about myself - I started riding about 6 years ago on sportbikes, only reason it was sportbikes is because that is what I dreamt of when I was a kid! Anyway I have been doing track days since then, but am having to make some changes now because track day price is increasing (and it wasn't exactly cheap to start with) and the faster I get, the more it's costing me to keep tyres up to the GSX-R1000!

A bit over a year ago I picked up an XR400 motard to take over commuting duties from the Gixxer and I discovered just how much crazy fun motards are. Hands down the most fun I have ever had riding around town! I only recently found out how cheap supermoto track days are, so I thought that is a good alternative for me at the moment. But I still love sportbikes, and there is nothing like doing big speed down a straight or tipping into a corner at over 200km/h, so I was looking for a supermoto option that would still provide a bit of... excitement.

I had also wanted a 2 stroke for a long time, thought I may get an Aprilia RS250. But that didn't turn out and I finished up making the sensible (or should that be silly?) option of a 2T supermoto! And that's what lead me here. I will be doing a SM build on a 1998 KTM 380 EXC. :D Just need to do a little road trip to pick up the bike, should have it in my hands by mid next week and be able to start work next weekend!

Well, cya's around the forum!
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