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Sure, depending on what you will be doing with your bike there are a couple options.

If you will be riding street only, you can go with a regular sport bike style helmet. It looks a little bit funny but functionally it is basically the same thing plus the visor bothers some people because when you get to speed it catches the wind and pulls your head up (its not bad once you get used to it but there have been several post with people bothered by it).

If you are going to be riding both dirt and street or want a helmet that could be used for both a dirtbike and a motard you can go with a traditional dirtbike helmet and goggle setup.

Other than that, i haven't seen any "crossbreed" helmets other than the two you listed. I personally have the XD and i love it, a good helmet is not a waste of money in my opinion so i sprung the cash for it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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