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Good Supermoto style helmet?

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Are there any less expensive alternatives to the Arai XD3 and the Shoei Hornet? I like the look of those..but not the pricetag.
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Sure, depending on what you will be doing with your bike there are a couple options.

If you will be riding street only, you can go with a regular sport bike style helmet. It looks a little bit funny but functionally it is basically the same thing plus the visor bothers some people because when you get to speed it catches the wind and pulls your head up (its not bad once you get used to it but there have been several post with people bothered by it).

If you are going to be riding both dirt and street or want a helmet that could be used for both a dirtbike and a motard you can go with a traditional dirtbike helmet and goggle setup.

Other than that, i haven't seen any "crossbreed" helmets other than the two you listed. I personally have the XD and i love it, a good helmet is not a waste of money in my opinion so i sprung the cash for it.
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I've seen some in a mag, and not Arai XD3 and the Shoei Hornet either. They were other companies, but looked same and cheaper price, if I remember right.

I'll find out later, once I get off of work and post up.
A buddy of mine from Scotland, who I work with, brought the May Issue of Trailbike & Enduro Magazine/Dirt Junkies. They do a review of the following 8 helmets:

AIROH S4, 110-115 GBP
ARAI TOURX2 (same as the XD3), 299-349 GBP
HJC CLX-2, 99.99-119.99 GBP
VEMAR VRX7 149.99-159.99 GBP

I also am showing the price the mag says they run. Now keep in mind this is British Pound. Current exchange rate is 1 GBP = 1.96156 USD. So do the math. They are paying way more for the Arai or Shoei than we do. Hell I haven't even had time to check the net on these.
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Here is a shot of the Vemar one

I think I would rather have the face shield go all the way down, but some people might think this is the dogs balloks.
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Are there any less expensive alternatives to the Arai XD3 and the Shoei Hornet? I like the look of those..but not the pricetag.
I've had the fortunate/unfortunate experience:headscrat to have been knocked-out in expensive and not so expensive hats:clap:. The cheaper helmet I recieved a concussion:eek:, the higher end I had no headaches or the typical "black spots" in my vision:headshake. I'm in the bike industry -look online for close-out 2,3,-4 year old helmet models (limited graphic choices & sizes). I've seen Arai's & Shoei's for less than $300 US. The Arai RX-7, Shoei RF1000 and X-11 are three of the best ventilated hats out there. These three hats are also some of the loudest (who gives a rats butt when most of us have loud exhaust anyways!!!):bike:.
My Lid

I have an Arai Astro R which is comfortable which I use when on my road bike. On the DRZ I wear an Airoh S4, like the one in this photo, but its red, silver and grey. I have used it in work for a whole days riding, good vision, air circulates, and it wasnt any where near the price of my Arai. Recommended.
I have a Vemar MX helmet and it is a very well made and comfortable helmet. It was a closeout, I paid $150 for it. Retail was close to $500.

The Airohs come up every once in a while on E-Bay.

i like that simpson one! different from the arais/shoeis
looks great
rfohey, I was about to order that helmet, but heard terrible things about the quality and shield fitment. Some of these problems however were supposedly resolved on the newer helmets, which yeah do you have?

Does the shield fit properly and only have only small, if any gaps? Mind posting up some pictures if it's not too much to ask?
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