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Getting WRX to DRZ Output Levels..

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So I am looking to replace my KLR650 with a SM type bike. Over the past week I have been on a WRX, a DRZ-SM, and a couple larger and more expensive motos.

If I compared everything except the grin I got twisting my wrist, the WRX wins by varying margins over the DRZ. Maybe I just wasn't wringing the WRX out enough as I have heard the two are close performance-wise, but I thought the DRZ felt significantly stronger. Both were brand new with less than one mile on them before I took them for a spin. I fear if I bought the WRX I would be selling it for a more powerful one a month later.

Will it be possible to get the WRX at or possibly exceeding box-stock DRZ performance without sacrificing interstate-ability and general reliability? And spending, say, $1000-ish? Any more than that and I could look at a more "exotic" ride (ie, a dealer here has a couple G650X-moto's with a few hundred miles for $7000; heavier bike than I want but that was a fun 45 minute test ride!). I know with a 150cc disadvantage it will never have the torque but I'm talking overall, bottom line performance (pure acceleration if you will). I'm buying this bike for 99.7% street duty and a fair amount of interstate travel (commuting, trips, etc) so simply gearing it way down isn't something I would consider..

Thanks for any input!!
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If you look at the WR250X specs, dry weight is listed as 280 (282 for CA models). DRZ dry weight is listed as 295 pounds. Curb weight is listed at 321 (as defined in a previous post). The dry weight specs. clearly put the DRZ at a hp/weight ratio advantage. The curb weight of the DRZ still puts it at a hp to weight advantage over the dry weight/hp of the WR250X. There is a 13~15 # weight difference before they are "ready to ride". Ya'll got your skirts all would up over two docile playbikes. :D I'll guarantee if the WR250X gang had DRZ's they would be argueing the other side. It's human nature. :thumbup:

My DRZ is too fast so I stuff wet socks in the airbox. :infrandom

Tony, when are you coming out riding again? We had a great ride the other evening. :bike:
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