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Getting WRX to DRZ Output Levels..

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So I am looking to replace my KLR650 with a SM type bike. Over the past week I have been on a WRX, a DRZ-SM, and a couple larger and more expensive motos.

If I compared everything except the grin I got twisting my wrist, the WRX wins by varying margins over the DRZ. Maybe I just wasn't wringing the WRX out enough as I have heard the two are close performance-wise, but I thought the DRZ felt significantly stronger. Both were brand new with less than one mile on them before I took them for a spin. I fear if I bought the WRX I would be selling it for a more powerful one a month later.

Will it be possible to get the WRX at or possibly exceeding box-stock DRZ performance without sacrificing interstate-ability and general reliability? And spending, say, $1000-ish? Any more than that and I could look at a more "exotic" ride (ie, a dealer here has a couple G650X-moto's with a few hundred miles for $7000; heavier bike than I want but that was a fun 45 minute test ride!). I know with a 150cc disadvantage it will never have the torque but I'm talking overall, bottom line performance (pure acceleration if you will). I'm buying this bike for 99.7% street duty and a fair amount of interstate travel (commuting, trips, etc) so simply gearing it way down isn't something I would consider..

Thanks for any input!!
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I cant believe nobody has mentioned that the drz has 27 foot pounds of torque vs 18 lol.
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