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Recently it has become a known fact that there is a state that will allow you to mail in your information and they will mail you a plate along with a street legal title. I know that I have answered quite a few PM's concerning this question and up until recently I have been able to help some, but others, not so much. However, the information posted in this thread is quite the game changer! The state of South Dakota to getting our beloved sumo's legal in states that try to ruin the fun. For those of you who's DMV/Registration office determines a bike street legal status/ability by the VIN I'm not too sure how this would work, but if they go by the title...GAME ON! This information is coming straight from a member on here (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has successfully completed this process. Anybody else that has done this please post on here and either share your success story or give us a heads up on something to watch out for.

To get started, you will need to do the following:

-you will need to fill out this form
-leave title number blank
-year, make, model
-put the name of who ever installed accessories to make the bike street legal (This can be your name)
-check all the boxes including 200cc (This is just confirming that the bike is 200cc or more)
-this form must be notarized, so don't sign it until you are in front of one

-fill out this form as well
-you will not need the date
-don't check any boxes in section I, section II, or section III
-fill in first box (your name)
-leave type of ownership and customer type blank
-identification# (needs to be your social security number)
-skip down and put in your address

section IV
-put in make, model,
-body type- MC
-vehicle code- MC
-year and CC
-skip down to section V
-Just fill in purchase date

Don't need to put in anything else just sign and date the bottom

Besides these two forms, you'll need to send in the title or MSO and a copy of your driver's license. If the title isn't in your name you will have to call and find out what other forms you need (605)394-2163. You will also need to attach a note (preferably typed) that includes your name, email, phone number, and notate that you would like to pay by credit card over phone or internet and to contact you when they have a total price and are ready for payment.

Mail both forms, title/MSO, copy of Drivers license to:

Office of the Pennington County Treasurer
Pennington County courthouse
315 Saint Joseph St Suite 214
Rapid City SD 57701-2894

Additional Info.

Serial number is the same as the vin# (should be 17 characters long depending on year of bike) and you will need to send in the original title (they will be keeping your original title and sending you a new South Dakota title).

The fee is: $58.75 and a $3 credit card fee if applicable. You should receive your new title within 30 days.

Mlawler1 brought up a good point. Make sure to use your home address even though you're registering in S. Dakota. States only require that your bike is registered to you at your home address (so don't try and make a fake S. Dakota address). Use your address and your local police can't do anything because you're licensed and registered to your home address...just through a different state :D. Just make sure that the registration matches the information on your driver's license. 👍
Just sent off my forms.
Hopefully it will not take too long!
hello can I ask why were not mailing the paperwork to the SD dov? Thanks
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