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General consensus on best/least expensive supermoto conversion wire harness?

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My supermoto has very basic enduro lighting and wiring harness on it. Not that I have a nice headlight and turn signals, and one of those handel bar switches with the blue LED on it (don't know the make of it as many companies seem to use them in their conversion kits) its time to throw a real deal wiring harness on the bike. (Also i have E-start) What is the forum's general consensus on the best and most cost effective premade wire harness setup??

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Not sure about a full premade harness I'm sure there is a company outthere that'll make one but it won't be cheap.

These harneses aren't hard most of it's one power and a frame ground. Do you just not want to deal with wiring? No tools?

I have been slowly building mine up as I ride started with head and tail light brake switchs and then rectifier battery which you already have added horn and soon blinkers as I have the components just need time. Like I said it's a super easy hArness setup just one part of it at a time. For the handle bar switches don't even bother in the enduro aftermarket ones they are Chinese crap most likely to break whin installing. It's just as easy to use an e-bay oem bikes switches and way better quality. I used r6 switches they feel like a dream.

But if you decide on trying to find the premade kit good luck I think even most of those aren't plug and play all these bikes are different and too many variables. You allready said you have E-start so that's done as well as your battery rectifier all you need to do is add the lighting correct? Easy as pie. Good luck

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