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Hello friends! I have run into a pickle and cannot figure out whats wrong with my bike. Here's the symptoms:

Left turn signal turns on at high speeds,
speedometer says i am moving at 5-10km when revving in neutral,
When i ride casually it doesn't stall, but if i rip it hard it seems to lack something and forces the engine off,
also stalls periodically when idling!

it always fires up when i need to restart.

2007 G650x supermoto
- akrapovic full exhaust
- plug and play boosterplug
- front end is off of a 2004 (for the higher fender)

I have consulted 2 smaller motorcycle shops, they don't have the experience with my bike.

Hoping someone can give some insight into what to check, really love this bike, just want to ride!!!:wtf::damn:
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