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Quick question, why didn't you just get and FS instead of trying to converting and FX/FC? On a tight track the FS should be about 10 seconds quicker than a 701. Which track was this that you did your testing?
Yeh good questions. First, I want to ride both dirt and supermoto. The FC spent it's first 16 hours on the dirt, and will get converted back in a couple of months most likely. Second, I can get a '19 FC here for about $2k less than a '19 FS. And can easily go down the road to the local dealer and pick up a FC. Whilst I'm most likely looking to ship a FS for a reasonable deal.

It's SpeedSports Raceway in Houston. It's a kart track. And on pace... Yeh I was confused too. But it was first day out. If I can sort out the two points I mention above. I assume I will be at least back on pace with the 701.

I actually took a look at my lap data last night. I'm losing time pretty much everywhere. But there are two corners in particular. They are the ones which I can't seem to get the FS to 'stick', so if I can work those out, then I should be getting close.
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