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I am selling my 1999 SV650 race bike. I also have everything you will need to get out racing or running track days.

The reason I am selling is because I need to reduce the risks in my life. In the past 7 years I have had 6 injuries (5 bike related) which have kept me from performing my job. I really don’t want to make this decision but I need take care of myself physically and financially.

This bike has had a great racing life in the CRA (Minnesota). It brought its previous owner to 5 wins never placing below 3rd in LW novice in 2006. I bought it for the 2007 season and had 17 podium finishes including 9 first place finishes in LW novice. It is a great handling SV which ran a 1:54 (Brainerd) in 06 by its previous owner, 55’s in 07 by me. It isn’t the most powerful motor out there but it holds it own and is still capable of turning great times and finishing on the podium.

This last winter I took the bike apart and rebuilt and repaired many items in anticipation of the 08 racing season. Included was a rebuild of the top end of the motor. I also sent the rear shock to Lithium Motorsports for a rebuild. New fork oil, damper oil, brake fluid, coolant (water), oil (duh), and a good cleaning. It is completely safety wired (way overboard on the wire) and ready for anyone to race. The paint is a Krylon rattle can job and has its flaws but looks great.

It was started for the first time at the June BIR weekend and broken in later running one race over the weekend.

It has many race accessories which I will list below:

Racetech forks
Penske rear
CFM (woodcraft) rearsets
CFM (woodcraft) clipons
Daytona steering damper
Holeshot fork brace
Braided lines in the front
Ferodo race pads up front
Frame-mounted sliders, also used to mount bodywork.
Morse fairing stay
M4 full race exhaust
Daytona digital temperature gauge
Oil pressure light
Full race fairings
520 Chain and sprockets

Currently set up for my weight. I am 175# without gear.

I also have a few other items that will be sold off with it:
RnJ Customs rear stand
Pitbull front stand (triple lift)
Spare set of rims (front has rotors)
Michelin Rain tires (used once)
Transponder AMB260 rechargable
Chickenhawk Pole position tire warmers
Spare levers (brake and clutch)
Spare peg
Spare clipon

So what will it cost?

I really would prefer to trade it for another 2 wheeled vehicle. I would love a motard or a 1k street bike which needs a little tlc. I am open to all interesting offer under the condition that I will not throw in any extra money at this time.

The bike is worth $2900.
Rains $250
Rims $150
Transponder $300
Tire warmers $325
Front stand $125
Rear stand $50

We can work a package deal if you want it all with the bike.

I am located in Edina, MN

-Bill Kerns

CRA 238
[email protected]

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Does the bike have a street title?? how about any of the street wiring??I would love to ride it both track days and street..My 625 is for sale..

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Does the bike have a street title?? how about any of the street wiring??I would love to ride it both track days and street..My 625 is for sale..
This bike is race only. It does not have a title or wiring for lights. Sorry Biff
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