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for sale is a set of nearly brand new Lightspeed Ti pegs for late model Yamaha bikes. I believe they fit 98-09 2 and 4 stroke models, and possibly 10 models if they didnt change the peg mounts with the new frame. they will also fit the 2004 and up Husqvarna models if you machine 3mm off the barrel. (this is exactly what I did for my SMR)

these pegs are the +5mm models and are ideal for riders with shorter legs, I accidentally bought these without knowing this. Im 6'1" and these wont work for me, but I know a lot of guys under 5'7" could really benefit from having these. these are also lighter than OEM and wider giving better foot to peg contact.

price is $75 shipped in the continental US, retail on these is $200. I will mill the 3mm off the pegs free of charge if you want them for your Husky, as they sit right now they are untouched. my email is [email protected] and thats the best way to get a hold of me.

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