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2002 KTM EXC 250 2 stroke Supermoto Street Legal

I built this bike last summer with the intent of doing some racing and commuting. With the lack of tracks in my area and lack of time on my part, that never happened. So, I’d like to trade this for something a little more suitable for long rides. This bike is currently tagged and insured in GA and I ride it all the time on the street with no problems. It sounds like a 2 stroke for sure, but if you use synthetic oil, it barely smokes. It starts on the first kick warm and occasionally the first kick cold. Jetting is perfect. I have yet to foul a plug and water temp sees an absolute MAX of 145-150, usually under 135 on a 95 degree day.

This bike is a total blast and an absolute monster. It will power wheelie itself in 1-3rd gear. The 02 EXC’s were super light, so it has its advantages. To give you an idea, it runs neck and neck with a 520SM and is faster than a 400SM. Handling is better than most because of the weight. I bought the bike with 100 or so miles in dirt form and purchased all the Supermoto stuff new to convert. There was no odometer for a while, so I am not 100% on the mileage. I’d estimate 1K to 2K. I have had the entire motor apart and it needs nothing. It gets 40MPG and occasionally 50MPG on pump gas. I usually kept a small 8 oz. bottle of oil in the tail bag for fill-ups. It idles smooth, never stalls, and runs great without a hiccup. I have yet to foul a plug. It was only in the dirt once or twice. I mainly used it to go to work and four fun-runs up in the mountains. It has seen many runs on the dragon. Long highway rides are not its specialty. It has seen a few track days too, nothing crazy. It is a revenue generating tool for your local authorities.

So, here is what is has, most of it is new:

• 02 EXC 250, GA tagged, insured, and titled as an 02 EXC250 (what it is)
• 17” Behr Wheels, back anodized, Buchnnon Spokes OE KTM Hubs (no scratches, still look new)
• 120/160 Pilot Powers (mounted)
• 120/163 Michelin Intermediates (1 trackday on them)
• 120/163 Michelin Rains (some street/track miles, but still good)
• New 520 chain and sprockets
• Acerbis oversized tank (tan)
• Black KTM SM front fender
• Black KTM Shrouds
• Black rear Fender
• KTM Tail/tool Bag
• Hella LED Turnsignals
• AC to DC conversion w/superlight NMH battery.
• 200W Stator
• TrailTech Computer
• Berringer/KTM 320 front race Brake w/ 320mm full floating rotor
• SDG seat cover
• Twin Filter Air Filter
• 14T and 15T front sprocket
• Renthal Bars w/ D-Flex hinged bark busters
• New Grips (Renthal I think) w/KTM donuts
• Sicass Racing bar switch and harness
• Acerbis mirror
• Traitech SM kickstand
• Recent clutch plates (didn’t need, but was already apart)
• Axle Sliders
• New wheel bearings
-520 springs and re-valved shocks. (520 weighs about 40 lbs more)

Everything on the bike is safety wired. All wiring/work was done by an ASE certified master tech/automotive engineer (me). Everything is soldered/crimped/shrink wrapped and loomed. Everything looks OE. The entire bike is safety wired for AMA Supermoto. At the moment, it has some coolant (less than 10%) in it from winter storage.

SPARES: extra frame and subframe (not title, not hot), orange shrouds, orange headlight mask, ISDE rear fender, airbox, and plate holder.

$5000 OBO
I work 60 hours a week, so I probably can't assist much with delivery.

I have no idea what a tagged 2-stroke supermoto with all these mods is worth, and do not care to debate that, or part it out. I just need to get something more practical than this and my built R1 for commuting purposes. IE: Buell, 610SM, SV, Adv bike, something VTwin, Futura, etc.


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Trade for a beater DR650 w/ 17's? or a Kawy Concours?

Seriously cool bike.
Might be interested in the Concours.........PM me some details.

I just have 3 bikes now, and all 3 are not the greatest commuters, except for rush-hour in ATL, then the R1 or Tard are fun for about 30 minutes or so. :D
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