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possible trade for a street legal SM
probably getting ahead of myself but I just want this up to gain interest.
first off I just finished painting the car, its not all together yet, but will be in a week, 2 at most.
So fresh silver frost effect paint.
91 Notchback 5.0 LX
71,000 miles.
auto with shift kit and tranny cooler.
5 lug swap with 97 gt wheels.
trunk mount battery.
headers, off road h, jardine exhaust.
alarm w/ remote start.
msd distributor
black magic fan
southside lowers.
e303 cam
alpine CD player and I have amp'ed all 6 speakers
brand new tires w/road side assistance ( not mounted yet, will mount and balance )
new temp sensor.
car alarm w/ remote start

here are some crappy cell phone pics of the car now.
feel free to request more crappy pictures

$5500 OBO
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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