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Hey guys been awhile for me on here need to get rid of this bike for divorce money. Here it goes
got a lot of goodies on it, but it needs a few things to get back on the road. The motor is strong as hell! Needs a gas tank braket made so the tank will stay on, a couple things trimmed to make the subframe fit for the seat and a new taillight turn signal from baja design like the led one I had before but was lost some how.
I need $3200 for it street legal! Needs tag updated, though clear title. Be different then the all around everybody has a KTM and have less service with yammie bullet proof motors
some of this needs to be updated
Here is some more info
2002 Yamaha WRF426 SuperMoto
2k plus miles
Street legal with high/low beam, horn, mirrors, tag light, brake light and front and rear turn signals
Baja Design clear led taillight mount insight for the drivers behind you. Same as the rear turn signals.
Trail Tech regulator/rectifier with the five wire. The ground was floated on the stock lightning coil to run full DC
with a 1x3 12V battery inside the air box. Toggle switch was made to turn off. Has color coded wires from front to back.
Also a fuse was tide in the wiring. The controls for the turn signals, lights, and horn came from a sportbike.
Front Talon Hub gold 60-1034
Rear Talon Hub gold 60-1990
Talon Motard spoke kit 56-1306
Excel Supermoto front rim 3.50x17 Black 56-5300
Excel Supermoto rear rim 4.25x17 black 56-5301
WB/CWC SS spoke kit 56-991s
Buchannan rear spoke nips 8x7 56-766
S-D spoke nips 7.5x4 black 98-621
Braking 4 pod caliper and rotor
Tube 450/510 17 TRG N1709
Tube 500/530 17 TRG N1710
Pirelli Diablo rear150/60-17
Pirelli Diablo front 120/70-17
Supermoto Engineering fork and swingarm sliders gold and black
Trail Tech speedo
UFO chain slider
DID DT8 520ERV-120 chain
FX seat cover 05-2846
2 16x3.1 Rim strip
Throttle Jockey Graphics
Carbon air box stickers
Moose gasket kit
Sunstrar 15t and 40t sprockets
New blue number panels
New Supermoto Arebis front fender
Arebis Diamond Headlight
Forks are gold not sure if they are hard coated or anodized
all new YZF 450 plastic most of this is current a pic of it when it had the 426 plastic will be showen also.
only serious people contact 405-410-7848 no tire kickers please I'm a single dad and don't have time for that.
pic are in this craigslist ad\
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