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I'm building a set of 50/50 dirt/street wheels for my SM610 ... I already have a 19"x3.50 front rim... now I want to run a narrower 3.5" (stock is 4.25") rim on the back so I can use narrower 130/140 rear tires. The stock front rim is a 17"x3.5". I'd like to run this wheel on the back. Does anyone know if this would cause a problem?

I know the rear hub is about 2" wider than the front so the angle of the spokes would be changed a bit...other than that they are both 36 hole wheels and it looks like it will match up.

What about a new Excel 17x3.50 front wheel? I know they come dimpled but are they drilled as well or must I drill them for the particular nipples I'll be running?

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