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FMF Q will it really make a difference?

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My street bike is a 'oo yamaha 426. And it is louder than H E double hockey sticks. Currently it has the stock muffler,repacked with strand type packing. I can get a Q muffler brand new for $100 off retail . will it make a difference ? or should I make a small baffle for the inside of my stock muffler. I also do not want to loose any power ,as if that is not to much to ask for,to shut the thing up a little.
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I have a '99 WR400 and have the FMF Q and the Pro Circuit R4 for it. The R4 is basically a straight pipe and is louder than hell with the Q being somewhat respectable. There is a slight power difference in the two with the R4 feeling like it accelerates just a tad bit faster.

If this is a street application then the Q is the way to go since the popo is going to hassle you if you are too loud. Plus on the street I don't think you would notice the power difference anyway. Since mine is for the track only I run the R4 and use the Q if I am going off roading somewhere where they check for noise.

Hope this helps.
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