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FMF Q will it really make a difference?

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My street bike is a 'oo yamaha 426. And it is louder than H E double hockey sticks. Currently it has the stock muffler,repacked with strand type packing. I can get a Q muffler brand new for $100 off retail . will it make a difference ? or should I make a small baffle for the inside of my stock muffler. I also do not want to loose any power ,as if that is not to much to ask for,to shut the thing up a little.
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Restricting the baffle will most likely cause power loss. You could check HMF, they had slipon mufflers for the YZ, and I'm pretty sure you could buy a Quiet Core for whatever exhaust you bought. They advertise their Quiet muffler to be pretty good noise reduction, without bad power loss. :hmmm:

The fella I purchased my bike from, said my HMF was considerably more quiet than whatever he was running. Not a shameless plug, just trying to send out options. :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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