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First Ride: 2008 KTM 690 SMC

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New KTM 690 sm

So one of my friends works at the local KTM dealer and low and behold what do I see? The brand new 690 sm. I don't know what to think about not being able to rev to the moon. (I ride a YZ400) Does the 690 make alot of bottom and mid? I havent the chance to ride one yet. I am thinking about buying the 690, or the aprilia. Not sure one what I like better. The KTM is pretty wide and for me to say this is something as for I'm 6'4" and 275. Just not sure I like the KTM as much. Bitchin bike but I'm on the fence about it.
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If it's the 690SM - I have mine for sale (close to you - within 3hrs) far cheaper than the dealer with <400 miles ... see link below (BO) .... I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs and the bike has plenty of low-end for you .... not sure about the prilia as I have not ridden one but I bet the KTM is a far better and more well rounded ride for what you are looking for .... btw - go ride one at the dealer and you will be sold on it :)
Got a chance to spend a few hours on the new 2008 KTM 690 SMC
Here is a brief report
Nice report. Thanks for sharing with us. (You typo'd the Husky engine size at the very end of the article though ;) )
nice write up
+1 :thumbup: thanks!
i rode one while im in Greece now nice bike... needs a pipe to wake up a bit more, the Duke690 had a bit more power but looks like a streetbike...
I love your Mag Scott but that has to be the most confusing ride report i have ever read. You talked around what ever you were trying to say with qualifying statements like" for a 690 street bike".
A decent review, but you should probably take a little more time and care in your writing. Aside from several typos, there were many passages that read more like something you'd read on an internet forum, not a respectable magazine. Always read everything back to yourself and hopefully to someone else after you write it.
My complaint was content, my grammar is terrible and so is my spelling but at least you can tell what my point is. I could tell you were trying(not clear how hard you were trying) to say good things about the bike but it was very unclear how the bike performed, both in handling and straight line performance. It would surprise me if the new SMC is not the best big bore "daily driver" Motard on the market, but if all I had to go on before making a decision to buy was that report, I would be hesitant to buy one.
Thanks for the input - we just tried to toss something up very quick after riding the bike for a short time -

I know people were waiting for some info - we need to ride the bike more to have a deeper opinion on the machine.
It must be hard to put yourself out there providing info nobody that else is and then to have to listen to the armchair quarterbacks from every know it all with a keyboard. I really can not tell you how much I look forward to receiving each issue.:bowdown:
Scott, sorry, my intent of pointing out the Husky size/model was not to start a critical debate. Was just in case you missed it before it hit print.

I really appreciate all the work you put into the magazine, and the only reason my subscription ran out was so my wife could buy the renewal for me for fathers day.
No Big - I wanted to toss something up fast to help out people wanting some info on a new bike.

I didn't think my paper was going to be graded with a red pen.
We will know how he really feels when we find out what condition of our next issue is in on arrival.
Every time I see the 690 SMC I am still impressed at how good it looks.
Definitely the best looking big KTM I've ever seen. Way better than the 690 Supermoto
I'd like to finally see a comparison between the SMC and SM/R.

I felt the intent was clearly defined in the article.

I think the SM would probably suit my needs better, as I'll almost never go offroad...that and the SMC looks tall as hell, 'cause I'm just a little guy. I must be one of a very few that likes the looks of the SMR best.
i'm only 5 foot 6 inches tall, and i am fine on my 690 SMC. it is just like riding a full size motocross bike.
The SMC is not as tall as you think - my 5'8 friend fit fine on the bike. But he felt the KTM 950 twin supermoto was too tall for him.

The SMC and the SM are very similar machines, the looks are most of the differences. The SMC has more of that off-road dual sport look while the SM is more for street custom people. Yes the frame is different and whatnot - but they share similar handling features on the road.

It just depends on what you are looking for. The SMC feels like a traditional supermoto race bike but with a smooth yet powerful up top. A little heavier than a race bike but it a good way. For mostly street riding the extra weight gives the bike stability and cushy ride.

It's a great all around bike.
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