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few wheelie questions:

bike has abs , and traction control. i can switch off TC on the handlebar, what about abs, how do you switch that off?

in mode 2, with TC on, what is the effect? I can slide the rear wheel and pop a wheelie regardless of TC on or off...

engine braking vs rear brake:
once the front wheel is up, if you reduce throttle, wheel will go down. is this same for before and after balance point? so you can bring front wheel down with rear brake at any point, but what is the effect or reducing throttle in high up wheelie that goes above balance point? engine braking still works the same, so assuming that tends to pull the bike downwards?

what happens when you pull the clutch in at various points:
below balance point - wheel comes down, beyond balance point, flip over?

4. has anyone tried using one of those wheelie guards, a third wheel mounted behind bike to stop you from going too high? and what were your experiences?
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