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Feeler... Street legal YZ400 SM in western NY

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As horrible as it makes me feel inside, I'm considering parting ways with my beloved YZ400 supermoto conversion. I have a KTM 450 in the stable and the blue bike just doesn't get ridden much anymore.

It has a clean and clear New York state title,
Acerbis DHH style DOT legal headlight
LED blinkers
Mag wheels (donated from a Katana)
FMF Titanium 4 slipon
Trailtech speedo
Custom Graphics (with a carbon fiber shell over the tank to keep them from bubbling)
and probably some other stuff I've forgot..

Many of you have probably seen this bike take shape over the past few years....

From my Electrical conversion thread,
The Carbon fiber tank shell, and the Mag wheel conversion threads...

I guess the million dollar question is, what's it worth?

My ultimate end goal in all of this is to get a ducati monster. Right now I'm selling my R6 winter project, which should get me a decent monster, but if I sell both bikes, I could maybe get a great monster....

I dunno, still in the thought process... Thoughts? Offers (remember, no offer is too high!:lol:)

Lastly, some crappy pics I just quick snapped off in the garage 15 mins ago.....

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C'mon!! Nobody out there can tell me what they think it's worth?
(Shameless self-bump)
I'm not sure what it might be worth, but i think it's a safe bet to say it's cooler than any monster i've ever seen!
I don't know what it's worth either, but how heavy are those mag wheels?
I don't know what it's worth either, but how heavy are those mag wheels?
Actually the weight difference between the Mag wheels and the laced set I used to have on there isn't too bad. I would say that each wheel is about pound heavier maybe.

I'm more less just wondering what it's worth. Would $3,500 be too high? Kelley blue book on it is ridiculously low IMHO ($2,000), so what kind of value does being street legal bring to the table...that is the million dollar question!
The problem is that it's hard to tell how many "miles" it has on it because these bikes aren't really a "mileage" kind of bike. Mileage affects the price greatly when purchasing a bike for street use.

I would expect that it would sell on ebay or for around $2000-2500.
as a side note, if you still have the dirt setup for it, you could probably remove the SM conversion, re-install the dirt equipment, and bring about the same price for it. Then put the SM conversion up for sale on could probably get another $300-500 out of the deal.

Just my $.02
Im in rochester and if you hold onto that till the spring Im all over it.... not a lot of help right now though:bike:

bump for a beautiful bike though
I think you could ask $3500 - $3000 for it. The mag wheels turn me away if you have another set you could for sure get the $3500
ill give u 2500 cash if u want to get to south/central jersey
ok 2650 n i'll help with shipping ... do u have a title?
Hey man, sent you a pm. Very interested in this bike. Lemme know.
I would'nt go lowwer than 3000 , Is'nt it plated?
im still very interested in the bike ill go 3000
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