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F/S 2008 Kaw. KX65 sm RACE READY

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08 KX65 race ready
completely built bottom with hotrods crank / new seals
brand new complete Pro Circuit exhaust w/ R304 Shorty silencer
New Dulop TT92 tires
V-Force 3 reed
RSW fork brace and triples w/Racetech valves
heavy duty minibike springs
New Ohlins rear shock set up for 180 lb. rider
New Complete Brembo Big Brake kit
12 in. Cyclone rims
Moose racing hand guards
black plastics

there may be more I just can't remember everything, I have reciepts for all parts purchased for this bike!!


will post pics later, if anyone is interested pm me.
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the pics
Price change

$3,200 Anyone??
weekly bump:thumbup:
Bike is located in Athens, AL :thumbup:
weekly bump
weekly bump and price change

weekly bump
thanks for the bump!!:thumbup:
hmm, another bump:clap:
last offer to the public $2,500 final price change, if no one buys this thing I guess it will become a christmas ornament:laughingr
nice bike.....

... i am looking for a mini. does it come with the cut off bar stool?:infrandom
can't part with the bar stool, it has scenty-mental value:laughings
why selling go-bro?
need money, trying to focus on 1 bike a season and need some improvements, the 65 was just a build project, was bored in the off season. I wish someone would buy the thing so I can get so free space in the shop!
bike Is Sold
i could use the wheels if you pull it apart

1 - 19 of 29 Posts
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