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Extra $200 for cush drive worth it on new wheels?

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Well I've been on the fence about tarding this bike. I know I'll never get my money back out of it. But, If I ride the piss out of for a few years, then who cares. It's mechanically sound and street titled. I've also thought about selling it now, and snagging up an SMC 625.

I can get Excel 17's with green rad hubs, BT 016's mounted and balanced and a JT rear sprocket for $1,195 to my door. Cush hub is an extra $200. SM front fender, MX rear fender with a custom mount led brake light/plate relocator and I'm golden.

Is the cush worth it if I go this route? Maybe send the suspension to FBI for that money.

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imho, no not worth it unless you're constantly banging down gears without bothering to properly control the clutch, but then you're more likely to end up in a ditch first rather then ruining the transmission :D

I'd spend those extra 200$ on somehting else.
Try this $100 route if you are really worried:

Also, Warp 9 is coming out with a cush drive sprocket that they told me they would sell to me for $60. I don't know if it's out yet. Call Kevin at Warp 9 and just ask him.
I have converted a couple KLX650s and on the dirt model we just buy an old KLR rear hub to use when building the wheel. The C model comes with cush so thats easier. But it may be fine without cush, its just that I never tried it.
Thanks guys. Now I'm still waiting on confirmation that I can get these wheels for my bike. KLX650R and KLX300R use the same hubs. The advertised wheels are for KLX300R, so they should work fine. But Rad mfg. is not so sure:headscrat
yeah the KLX300 stuff will bolt right up. Even my KDX200 has same hubs and I swap supermoto wheels onto that sometimes. Sometimes the rotor mountings are a little different, seems the older stuff is smaller and some have countersunk bots others with shouldered edge. But since you are getting rotors as well on new hubs it will be easy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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