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exhaust questions

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How's the stock exhaust on the 450? Sound? power?

Is the full FBF exhaust worth it? The Ti can is nice. Does the exhaust add power/save weight/sound nice? Does it require rejetting?
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talking with GPC, their solution is the '05 SM450 cams... stuff them in the '04 and voila!

you've got an even livelier motor!
no- they recommend the '05 SM450 cams are different profile and considered an upgrade from the '04 model.

its what they recommended. '05 cams, remove the base gasket, rejet to taste...

but you know... this is all pretty moot on a damn cart track :headshake

once again... words of wisdom. :bowdown:

its the old racing adage of- good suspension tuning is worth THOUSANDS in engine development....

but no one wants to hear that... that a stocker, well tuned, and well ridden is a veryy formidable weapon.

but most just want to buy shiny loud things....

ok, now go ahead and crucify me...
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The thing I wonder though is, if like any other bike that is imported into the USA the Husky's are corked to be withing the legal emissions limits. A big red pig in Europe for example comes with 61 little wild horses pulling you forward and that is unheard of here ... you never get one from a normal Honda dealer that has more than 46 little tamed horses.
It would be interesting to find out if that is so for Husky as well.

ive owned ALOT of bikes, and the husky is the loudest stocker ive ever had. i think the "street legality" of the huskys is questionable at best. i think they are only legal because of a loop hole.

i HIGHLY doubt anyone from the DOT, EPA, or CRAP(whatever...) checked these things for emissions or decibles... Husky is small enough to possible get in "under the radar". whereas somebody like Honda... which sells millions of units world wide-- must take in all that legal crap/ liability issues/ environmental concerns sometimes from the very inception of the vehicle.

thus, i think- as a stocker... the husky is alot closer to the edge than any jap street legal bike could ever be.

my humble opine
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