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exhaust questions

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How's the stock exhaust on the 450? Sound? power?

Is the full FBF exhaust worth it? The Ti can is nice. Does the exhaust add power/save weight/sound nice? Does it require rejetting?
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Stock the exhaust is really quiet. I'm in the same boat as yourself: uncertain as to what exhaust to run.

Right now I'm looking at an exhaust insert from Australia but I've asked the maker if they have a dyno sheet.

What I can tell you is the SMs use the same cams as the TE trailbikes instead of the TC motocrossers. So now I'm trying to learn what is different about the TC cam profiles and trying to track down a dyno sheet to see if the TC has less of a drop past peak power than the TE and SMs do.
schmuzzy said:
talking with GPC, their solution is the '05 SM450 cams... stuff them in the '04 and voila!

you've got an even livelier motor!
I think you mean the cams from the TC450/510, not the cams from the '05 SM.
TomCRMI said:
I'll try and get some of the guys in the german Husky Forum to get some dyno results for 450's and 510's and then we'll see.


That'd be cool and it'd be cool if they shared their set-up to.
On a tip from thumpertalk, it turns out that one of Big-Gun's straight through exhaust inserts fit the Husky can if you cut the insert down a little. i ordered an insert from Big-Gun for $14.00.
TomCRMI said:
Here is the link to the thread I started in the Husqvarna Forum.

It is all in german and translating it via google unfortunately failed.
If you want you can post questions in english there. A lot of people know english there and everybody is happy to help with any issues.

You see there a diagram from a SMR450 in the second post. Measured is rear wheel power! (with rear tire inflated to about 35 PSI I would think)
Red is stock [email protected] 8243rpm
Blue is a SR-Racing Collector with a Husaberg FE 650 Muffler, rest stock 41.7kW @ 8461rpm

Husky Forum

You can see that less restriction actually gives the bike more power over the whole range and gets you over 50 horses 500 rpm sooner than stock.

I hope there'll be somebody showing up with results for the 510 too.
I spoke with Paul Limma of GP Motocycles and he says the hot set up is using a TC 450 intake cam (keep the stock exhaust cam), stronger valve springs (because the stock ones float at high rpm) and a flat-top piston with a "$550" exhaust system (must be FBF's) and that ups the output to around 60 hp and shovels the whole powerband up the rpm scale.
speedbagger said:
hey guys/gals,

i hate to resurrect a post like this as i know exhaust questions get beaten to death........

but, i've got a leftover 05 smr510 in the mail and am researching slip-on exhaust options. going back thru some old post here i see numerous comments about sil, fmf, fbf, doma, etc, etc........but trying to track down a can specific to an 05 smr510 is proving challenging.


1. is a 05 smr450 slip-on compatable with a 510?


2. i called fmf and they stated they had only a stainless slip-on for a 450, yet i've read here that people are using they're ti4 system.......was their parts guy on crank when i talked to him? does anyone know what fmf slip-ons (p/n's ideally) are compatible with a 05 smr510?

The can is ti, the headers and mid-pipe are stainless on the FBF/Sil system. It is also something of a pain to get on because you'll need to make three spacers to clear the rear tire on a supermoto. It was made for a trail bike. On the other hand, Husky's race team runs the FBF/Sil headers.

3. how about an fbf slip-on? all i see on their site is a full system for a 450......i contacted them a while back and am still waiting for a response.

To the best of my knowledge they don't offer a slip-on. If a slip-on is what you want and noise tests aren't a problem, then pop on a TC can. It'll add a little power everywhere and is a tapered core design

4. any other comments are you might want to check out 'brand x'........i'm not concerned with db's (yet), just looking to keep the weight down and improve throttle/gain a few hp'z.

None of us have gotten organized enough to be able to compare power outputs on all of the exhaust systems we can get but if I had the money, I think I'd look at the Leo Vince full system because it should be quieter.

thanks for the to supermoto.....hope to get out to a few trackdays here in/around michigan this year, so maybe i'll see some of you out there.......
Maybe we'll see each other but my big trip is to Bonneville to try and set a land speed record.
goddamrat said:
So has anyone had any problems with their stock cans cracking????? I have an 05 smr 450 with oh about 971 miles on it, one track day and some street beating. I have never dropped the bike (amazing being that I cant touch the ground at all) and I have been relatively nice to it, nicer than any of my other bikes. Some how my lower end cap decided that it wanted to crack on the way to the wall and then completely separate on the way home, the thing is blowing packing out behind me! WTF!!!! Anyone know of any dealers in the bay area that might swap it out? Monroe hasn't been much help even though I did give them 7 grand, apparently 60 day warranty means 60 day warranty. Dam race bikes. I was looking on to a new slip on anyway, seems like FMF or leo vince is the way to go. Either way you guys might want to take a look at your pipes, mine was apparently built on a monday.
i haven't heard of a stock '04 or '05 exhaust can crack but i've seem plenty of aftermarket cans crack just cause. Give huskyusa a call and see if they'll get you a new one.
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